Frquently Asked Questions


Are your translations "by hand" or by machine?

All translation is contextual, and in that sense has to be molded by the translator's understanding of the context &  experience. Beyond that, "machine" techniques can speed up the process and make it more economical. Thus our translation is "both" by hand and with assistance from CAT tools. 

A CAT tool, not a "cat".

What CAT tools do you use?

Our translation normally is done with CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools licensed by our clients and used for the duration of the project. Thus we have to work within our clients' own environment. For our in-house work we use Western Standard Fluency Now.

¿Como se llama su llama?

Bolivia: isn't that kind of a crazy place?

Hey, wait a second! We are Bolivian by naturalization and citizens of the USA by birth. It is indeed a different country. Between Bolivia and Ecuador, we've lived & worked over 35 years combined in South America. Unique, but that is one of the places where we are from.